Two actions you can take

As I walk door-to-door talking with voters, I hear a lot about what is going on in our country and the concerns you have about the direction our nation and our state are headed.  Right here in the Quad Cities, in the SD-47 Senate race, the choices we face in the upcoming election are crystal clear – an incumbent politician who is beholden to the extreme specials interests in Des Moines, votes against our public school students and teachers, and does not trust women to make their own health care choices.  Or myself; I will fight for OUR priorities like bringing good-paying jobs to Iowa, making Iowa a leader in education again, increasing access to affordable healthcare, and getting special interest money out of politics.

While the election is in November, TODAY there are two things you can do that will make a significant difference:

  1.  Sign-up to vote at home:  The most important thing you can do to turn our country around is vote, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Signing up to vote at home is a concrete action you can take TODAY.

Our current legislators here in Iowa have unfortunately made voting, an act that should be as easy as possible, into one of the most complicated processes in the country. The goal is undoubtedly to sow confusion and depress turnout.

To request a ballot for voting at home, visit the Scott County Auditor’s website, fill out the necessary forms, mail them in, and await your ballot which will be sent about a month before the election!

  1. Make a donation: As you know, it takes resources to get the word out about my campaign.  My opponent already has a healthy war chest funded by the wealthy Des Moines special interests. To effectively deploy our resources to deliver our message in the fall, we need to make planning decisions NOW. Your contribution to my campaign TODAY will send a strong message that you have had enough!!!  Help me by making a secure online contribution on our website TODAY.
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