Celebrating working men and women

As we celebrate Labor Day this weekend, I think back to my childhood. My dad worked for a construction equipment dealership, and he was not covered by a union. But just down that same street was a factory where many of my friends’ dads worked. And they did have a union. Even from a young age, I could tell that their quality of life was better than my family’s. Unions gave my friends’ dads better wages and benefits that I wish my family would have had.

That’s why this weekend, while we’re enjoying parades, cookouts, and a day off of work, we must remember the labor of the men and women that make our country great. Because of their hard work, many Americans were able to get better wages, hours, and working conditions.

Yet my opponent, Roby Smith, and his colleagues in the State Senate instead vote to gut collective bargaining, taking that voice away from many hard-working Iowans.

I am proud that Unions representing working women and men are among the many supporting my campaign. And you can be assured that I will fight for these hard-working Iowans in the Iowa State Senate.

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