Back to school

It’s hard to believe that it’s already August and summer is nearly over. For many, that means it’s almost time to head back to school!

I am proud to announce that I have received the endorsement of the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA). ISEA and its teacher members work hard to ensure that students receive a quality public education. As a product of public schools from kindergarten all the way through college, I know that I am where I am today because of the hard work of those teachers.

Unfortunately, not all of our legislators here in Iowa understand the importance of a good education being available to all students. Roby Smith is bad for Iowa public schools. For example, he supports creating a massive private school voucher program that would take money away from K-through-12 public schools.

It’s time we start really investing in our communities by investing first in our children. Every child in Iowa deserves a good education from preschool onwards, no matter what city they live in or how much money their parents make. As your State Senator for District 47, I will bring these values to the Iowa State Senate.

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